Emergency Department

 In 2014, there were 10,936 visits to the BCMH Emergency Department.


The emergency department provides acute care services to patients of all ages  24-hours a day.  The emergency department services include cardiac, respiratory, pediatrics, trauma, and general medicine.

All patients that present to the emergency department receive a medical screening exam by a physician or physician’s assistant that includes providing all necessary testing and on-call services within the capability of our facility to reach a diagnosis.

Diagnostic capabilities include: laboratory, radiology, cardio-pulmonary and ultrasound (available on a limited basis). Therapeutic capabilities include IV therapy, medication, respiratory therapy, invasive and non-invasive procedures, nutritional services, and infection control.

The emergency department is staffed by board certified physicians and a quality nursing staff. To reach the BCMH emergency department, please call 304-364-1058.

Emergency Department Physicians:

Mark Waddell, DO - Medical Director
Doug Given, MD
Brent Glover, MD
Mike Gregory, DO

G. David Leveaux, MD

Gary Lowther, DO