On March 16, 2012, BCMH became the only healthcare facility in the immediate area to offer open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This new service is especially convenient for claustrophobic individuals as Mr. Rodney Nutter of Gassaway, WV will attest. He remembers, “When I was a young man of about 20, a truck fell on me and I was trapped. I had to expand my chest as much as I could and with the help of a neighbor, I was able to get free. Ever since then I’ve been claustrophobic.” Rodney has tried in the past to have MRI tests completed at other facilities as well as here at Braxton yet he says, “I couldn’t go in any further than my shoulders.” Thanks to this new service available at BCMH, which is ‘unique’ to the immediate area, he was able to complete an open MRI procedure on March 23rd. He reports, “I like this new machine and the technologist was good. I was given medication to help me relax and a head-set. I shut my eyes and listened to the Final Four basketball game; and it was done.”

 Rodney is not a small man in stature and he comments, “This machine will fit everyone; it’s big enough to put a hippo in. I don’t know why anyone would want to go anywhere else when they can have the test done here at Braxton.” He adds, “It saved me a trip to Charleston.” Gary Garbutt, MRI Technologist with US Mobile Imaging, performed the procedure for Rodney. He says, “This state of the art MRI unit will accommodate patients weighing up to 550 pounds and the services provided at BCMH are equal to those offered at any large hospital.” Rodney was quick to interject his own comment stating, “Probably better than most!” US Mobile Imaging technologists are available to perform MRIs each Friday at Braxton County Memorial Hospital.

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