Braxton County Memorial Hospital recently contracted CDL Nuclear Technologies, Inc. to ‘provide quality service and a satisfying experience’ for our nuc med patients. CDL proclaims their dedication to this effort, which is being accomplished at our local, community hospital. Furthermore, BCMH physicians and staff are well pleased with the new equipment as well as the service provided primarily by Nuc Med Technologist, Jennifer Edmonds, RT (N) (pictured on the previous page). A significant time reduction is evident regarding the individual testing process, thereby providing additional time to accommodate more patients. With less time required to perform cardiac nuclear stress testing, Dr. Doug Given, Chief of Staff, is able to see patients on Med Surg and return to his private practice in a more timely manner.

 Stephanie Arden, Registered Respiratory Therapist, described the process noting that the time involved for each scan is reduced by 30 minutes as a result of the new equipment. With less time constraints, Dr. Ron Pearson, General Surgeon, can order more HIDA scans for patients suffering with gall bladder problems and sentinel nodes for patients suspected of having breast cancer as well as parathyroid testing. These tests, in addition to bone and thyroid scans, are available through the BCMH Radiology Department, which coordinates all nuclear medicine services with CDL. This enhanced capability has notably reduced the number of referrals to other facilities. The new equipment also accommodates patients weighing up to 500 lbs, whereas the previous limit was 280 lbs. BCMH is pleased to offer enhanced nuclear medicine services ‘close to home’.


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