Employee of the 4th Quarter

Joyce Duckworth, Certified Medical Assistant in the Community Health Center, was chosen as Employee of the Quarter for the 4th quarter of 2014.

It is a rare occurrence when one employee epitomizes criteria outlined for two separate recognition awards. Such is the case with regard to Joyce as she ‘goes above and beyond her specific duties to provide excellent customer service to others’ in addition to ‘providing leadership, initiative, creativity, and diligence in helping improve BCMH or the community.’ It was decided to honor Joyce with the Employee of the Quarter award recognizing her willingness to assume the primary responsibilities of pre-certifications and referrals for Community Health Center patients earlier this year. One nominator described Joyce as being “such an asset to the clinic and providers in this position”. Having relocated to the front office of the clinic near the receptionists, she is appreciated for “constantly helping triage patients, pulling charts, and going out of her way to help with any kind of patient needs. Joyce takes care of allergy, B12 and flu injections, which decreases patients’ wait time and helps with patient flow.”

 Pam Mace, Registration Clerk, comments, “Joyce begins every day with a ‘Good Morning’ and a genuine smile. Before she ever sits down at her desk to do her job, she makes sure that the morning work is caught up for the clinic. There are few people in this world that have real work values and ethics. Joyce is #1 on my list.” Clinic nurses expressed their appreciation for Joyce “going above and beyond her assigned duties, never hesitating to offer her help or simply going ahead and helping without being asked.” One nurse commented, “If we have multiple walk-ins, Joyce takes the initiative and helps get them worked up and into a room.” 

Joyce became a member of the BCMH family in December 2009. She and her husband of 37 years, Rick, reside on Lower Mill Creek Road in Frametown. They have three children who live and work in Braxton County. Joyce teaches a youth class at the Frametown Methodist Church. She enjoys taking walks and spending time with her four adorable granddaughters. She is a fan of Mountaineer football and basketball, and enjoys riding her Harley motorcycle with her husband. Joyce is greatly appreciated at BCMH. It is truly a pleasure to recognize the kindness and sweet spirit she exhibits daily, personifying the attributes of a valued employee and trusted friend.