Employee of the Quarter

Judy Davis, Executive Secretary, was selected as Employee of the Quarter for the 4th quarter of 2013.   

Among her many duties, Judy is responsible for ensuring that credentialing is complete for all healthcare professionals utilized through BCMH including active Medical Staff and off-site courtesy and consulting physicians. This time-consuming process requires an attention to detail necessary for certifying that only properly licensed professionals are providing healthcare services to our patients. In years past, our hospital contracted with an independent agency to complete most of the initial verifications required to complete the credentialing process. During bi-annual reappointments, involving approximately 60 to 65 healthcare professionals, our hospital paid nearly $12,000 for this credentialing service. In an effort to save money, Judy volunteered to assume total responsibility of the credentialing process; and in so doing, she allows our hospital to retain these funds. In order for this endeavor to succeed, Judy had to revise Delineation of Privilege forms and organize computer files for each individual healthcare professional. She also developed an instructional notebook for accessing and obtaining required verifications, validations and profiles in the event that someone else should need to credential a provider. Judy accomplished all of this while continuing to fulfill her regular duties, as well as assisting with multiple unscheduled, yet crucial projects. Judy is described by her nominator as being “one of the kindest, most considerate individuals I have ever known and consider it a blessing to work with her. Regardless of her goals for the day, Judy always accepts and accomplishes unscheduled tasks with no complaint, even volunteering to assist others, including me, when we feel overwhelmed.”  

Having recently been honored as a 30-year employee, Judy joined the BCMH family only a few years after the doors were opened. She and her husband of 33 years, Ron, have two children, Kristi and Ian. Her hobbies include walking, being outdoors, reading and spending time with her family. Judy’s dedicated efforts and steadfast support of BCMH, her coworkers, our patients and community are greatly appreciated!