Employee of the 2nd Quarter

Rick Jarvis, Maintenance Mechanic, was selected as Employee of the Quarter for the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Galileo once said, “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can still slowly ripen a fruit tree, as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.” Although the operations of Braxton County Memorial Hospital pale in comparison to those of the universe; a great deal of responsibility is placed on the Maintenance Staff to keep things running smoothly. And unlike the dependence of revolving planets around the sun, the success of our small, community hospital does not rely upon any one individual. However, the attitude reflected in Galileo’s sentiment regarding multi-tasking is exemplified by Rick Jarvis. Regardless of his numerous duties or the magnitude of his responsibilities, Rick responds to maintenance requests with such a positive outlook, it seems as though he ‘had nothing else in the universe to do’ more important than helping his coworkers.  

Julia Rose, Director of Nursing, comments, “One thing about Rick is, if there is something that needs done, and it needs done now, he is the man to ask. I have heard from numerous employees about the excellent job he does with repairs and making sure jobs are done correctly. I have also noticed that he has been on call every weekend, evening and midnight from January through June, with the exception of one day per month. To me, this is dedication - above and beyond, because it means he has to be near a phone at all times in case something goes wrong here at our hospital.” At the beginning of this year, Kenny Sartin, Plant Manager, announced that Rick had been named Maintenance Requisition Leader for two consecutive years recognizing his dedication to the patients, employees and visitors of BCMH. Rick was also the co-recipient of the Employee of the Quarter award for the 2nd quarter of 2013 honoring his tireless efforts monitoring and refueling generators during an extensive power outage in this area. Each of these instances reiterate Rick’s dependability and willingness to make certain BCMH remains operational. Although not as imperative as the revolving of planets around the sun, this is important in the world in which we live and work, and to those patients and families we serve at BCMH. 

Rick joined the BCMH family in December 2011. He enjoys spending time with his wife of 16 years, Dorothy, and is excited about being ‘Pappy’ to a new grandson in the near future. His hobbies include hunting and fishing, although his favorite pastime is watching his sons, Levi and Blayne, compete in the ‘greatest sport on earth - wrestling’. The employees of BCMH appreciate Rick making us feel as though each request is priority, even though he may have a world of responsibilities to complete.