Braxton County Memorial Hospital is leasing a permanently parked, mobile unit which offers substantial benefits to patients. This GE LightSpeed 16-Slice CT Scanner allows BCMH to provide enhanced diagnostic testing with a doctor's order. Less time is needed for breath-holds resulting in less stress for patients and there is greater flexibility in obtaining thinner or thicker slices without rescanning. Higher speed scanning means clearer, sharper images with fewer artifacts caused by patient movement which enhances the ability to quickly diagnose a variety of conditions. (Stephanie Loughridge, RT (R) and Julia Fitzwater, RT (R)(M) are pictured on the previous page.)

NoteThe BCMH Foundation’s initial goal of accommodating a CT scanner within the facility is ongoing. However, this equipment allows us to continue fulfilling our mission of Caring for you close to home’. 

Prior to the installation of this innovative equipment, a great deal of planning was necessary. The old CT scanner and trailer were removed and the new mobile unit installed. Special appreciation is extended to the Maintenance and Radiology Departments as well as Sharon Gaston, Assistant Administrator - Operations, and Kim Frazier, Director of Diagnostic Services, for their efforts with this project. The photograph to the left was provided by Kenny Sartin, Plant Manager.

Presumably curious about the activities being conducted by the Maintenance Department, a ring-necked pheasant strolled leisurely around the parking lot of BCMH as efforts were underway to connect helipad lights to an alternate source of electric. This project was necessary due to the arrival of the new, ‘leased’ CT scanner.


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