Artist of the Month - December 2014

Travis Jagielski, Information Technology Coordinator, was recently selected as Braxton County Memorial Hospital’s Artist of the Month.

The word ‘virus’ is a common term in the healthcare profession and among the general public. Usually accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, varying from minor discomforts to life-threatening diseases, a virus can be highly contagious. ‘Poison’ and ‘venom’ are among the descriptive words found in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary for ‘virus’; so it is little wonder that fear and apprehension is often associated with these contributing ‘agents of infectious diseases’. It is also understandable why the term ‘virus’ is used to describe ‘a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes’, according to Webopedia. A computer virus is defined as being ‘capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.’ This was the case at Braxton County Memorial Hospital when Information Systems received notification that a ‘virus’ had infiltrated the e-mail / communication network. 

Travis’ nominator wrote, “This particular virus had the potential to do unspeakable monetary damage to our network; but due to his quick action, he was able to avert potential damage. While this is something that most IT personnel are forced to deal with, Travis was ‘cool’ under pressure and handled the situation with swift and concise action. Travis continues to demonstrate growth and potential in his position. On this particular day, he was a ‘one-man’ show and quickly worked to resolve the issue, staying late into the night to finish the task.” Medical Records Transcriptionist, Cathy Sowa, remembers, “We had a computer virus attack on a day when Travis was the sole IT support. He responded as quickly as he could and did so with such grace and poise throughout the hospital. Travis is always so patient in explaining situations and computer jargon, limitations and capabilities. We were back to normal the following day. I will remember his steady control of the situation, and his calm presence throughout the event.” 

Travis joined the Braxton County Memorial Hospital family in May 2006, and is greatly appreciated for his helpfulness. Although eradicating dangerous ‘viruses’ and providing technical support are his primary duties, Travis was also recognized in June 2012 for his assistance to the community following the devastating impact of a Derecho. Travis enjoys woodworking, fishing, and spending time with family. He and his wife of six years, Sue, have a dog named Ralphie. Travis expressed gratitude for his coworkers, Rosemary Yeager (Business Office) and Eric Campbell (Pharmacy), for helping ‘spread the word to all hospital employees’ regarding the email message which contained a destructive virus. He also noted his appreciation for Terry Layton and John Alley of Ricoh Americas Corporation stating, “They helped me scan all the hospital computers. Without their help, our email system would have been down a lot longer.”  BCMH sincerely appreciates Travis’ efforts in keeping our computers healthy and strong, allowing us to continue fulfilling our mission of Caring for you close to home.