Artist of the Month - December 2013

Vickie Dean, Housekeeping Coordinator, was chosen as Artist of the Month for December 2013.  

Until recently, MCHM or 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, meant very little to most individuals. However, due to a massive chemical spill into the Elk River which contaminated tap water for approximately 300,000 residents in the Kanawha Valley and surrounding counties, MCHM is now a familiar acronym. Attaining national interest as well as local concerns, news reports provided daily coverage of the incident for several weeks, alerting the public of an ongoing ban regarding usage of the unsafe water. Although Braxton County residents were largely unaffected by the initial chemical spill, the subsequent impact was far reaching as families traveled great distances to obtain bottled water. In addition to warnings regarding consuming and bathing in the contaminated water, hospitals in the Kanawha Valley quickly identified concerns regarding equipment sterilization and laundry. Therein emerged a challenge for Braxton County Memorial Hospital as linen service is contracted through CAMC. 

Realizing that providing clean linen for BCMH patients was imperative, Vickie Dean coordinated efforts and established a designated area for sorting, washing, drying and folding all linens. She also transported loads of dirty linen to the laundromat in Glenville working to ensure patients had fresh, clean linens during their stay at BCMH. One nominator wrote, “The laundry went wherever Vickie went.” Receiving assistance from several employees during this crisis, Vickie was instrumental in making sure the laundry process continued ‘unhampered’.   

Vickie joined the BCMH family in June 2000, accepting the responsibilities of Housekeeping Coordinator in August 2008. She has received the Artist of the Month Award twice for retrieving valuable personal items that were accidentally discarded. She and her husband, Bill, have two sons, Jeremy and Christopher, three grandsons and one granddaughter. She says, “I enjoy sewing, cooking and spending time with my family. I like working at BCMH and helping out wherever I’m needed.” Vickie’s dedication to the comfort and wellbeing of patients during their stay at Braxton County Memorial Hospital is greatly appreciated!