Artist of the Month - October 2014

Jennifer Markle, Registered Nurse in the Outpatient Nursing Department, has been selected as Braxton County Memorial Hospital’s Artist of the Month. 

During BCMH’s recent Employee Awards Banquet, Jennifer was among those honored for ten years of dedicated service to our hospital and surrounding communities. Within this time period, she has been recognized as Artist of the Month on three separate occasions for the kind, compassionate care given to her patients, going well beyond their expectations. Because she develops a special relationship with them, Jennifer has also been helpful during times when her patients were receiving care from other areas of the hospital. As indicated by her recent nominations, she extends this same approach toward her coworkers as well. 

In addition to her own responsibilities, Jennifer has been providing assistance with patient care in three different areas of BCMH. One nominator wrote, “Not only does she do a remarkable job running the Outpatient Department; she also helps on Med Surg and in the Emergency Department if needed. Now, she has arranged coverage for her area so she can help see Home Health patients one or two days a week.” Home Health nurses report, “Jennifer has been helping us while we have been short staffed. She is competent, adapts well and does a thorough job. Her patients love her and appreciate her compassion and skill. She has been a tremendous help in Caring for those IN and Close to Home.” Another nominator wrote, “Recently, Jennifer picked up a 12-hour weekend evening shift when we were short handed in the Emergency Department, despite the fact that she had a sick little one at home. She jumps in and works hard from the time she hits the door until it’s time for her to leave; and she does so with a smile.” 

Jennifer has three children; Kyle is an Industrial Engineer and Ashley is a Physical Therapist. She has two grandchildren; Logan, 15 months, and Ava, 4 months. Jennifer and her husband of 6 years, Shannon, have a 23-month old son, Riley Shane. Currently, Shannon is undergoing intense cancer treatments. Following the presentation of her award, Jennifer tearfully commented, “Everyone has been so supportive. So many have said they are willing to help, even though they are not family. We are coworkers and friends. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people and I’m so humbled! Thank you!” 

Author, Flora Edwards, wrote, “In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.” Jennifer has been dedicated in helping so many others through difficult times. Hopefully the help and support she has selflessly given through the years will come full circle and be returned to her. Congratulations are extended to Jennifer as well as thoughts and heartfelt prayers!