Artist of the Month - January 2014

Chris Jarrett, Admitting Clerk, was selected as Artist of the Month for January 2014.

 The phrase ‘call it a day’ generally means to stop work and go home, implying that a day’s work has been completed. Chris registers patients in the Admitting Office at Braxton County Memorial Hospital from 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., at which time her day is done. Recently, however, Chris ignored the time on her wrist watch and reopened the office to accommodate a BCMH patient in need of lab work. Her nominator wrote, “Chris had locked up her office and was already to her car, when an elderly couple approached her and asked if she had already closed up shop.” After realizing that the patient needed to have her blood drawn prior to receiving Chemotherapy treatment, Chris returned to the Admitting Office, turned her computer back on and registered the patient. The alternative would have been to refer the couple to the Emergency Department where registration could have been completed, yet Chris decided that her patient’s needs were more important than ‘calling it a day’.  

Chris’ coworker, Susie Sears, comments, “Many times I have seen Chris going and getting patients something to eat or drink while they were waiting for an outpatient procedure.” From her desk, Chris can see patients arriving at the hospital. Susie says, “When she sees an elderly person having a hard time getting out of their car, she goes outside to help them.” Chris would most likely consider this ‘all in a day’s work’, yet to her patients and coworkers, it is considered ‘going above and beyond’ her regular duties.  

Chris joined the Braxton County Memorial Hospital family in July 1995. She enjoys reading mystery and romance novels, riding her 4-wheeler and visiting with friends. She also enjoys spending time with her daughters, Angela and Jackie, in addition to her eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Chris says, “I was really surprised to be nominated for this award. I like my job and would do this again for our patients. Sometimes the Emergency Department is very busy, and I would rather reopen than have them wait.” BCMH appreciates Chris’ dedication and commitment; even when ‘calling it a day’ extends beyond her regularly scheduled work time.