Artists of the Month - September 2014

Chelsea and Haley Cosner, Housekeeping Aides, were chosen as co-recipients of the Artist of the Month award for September 2014. 

Former BCMH Auxiliary member, Letha Cantrell, stated, “I thank the Lord for good, honest people in this world and appreciate these girls so much!” She continued by sharing her story which almost anyone can relate to. Letha remembers, “I was going to have lunch at Granny’s Kitchen in Frametown, and decided to check the mail. I put my purse on the trunk of the car, got my mail, and was looking at it while getting in the car. Then, I just drove off! My purse must have fallen off in the middle of the road. I didn’t miss it until I got to the restaurant. I came back home thinking I must have left my purse on the table. I made three trips up and down the road, said a little a prayer and decided to sit tight. That’s when the girls called!”  

Haley and Chelsea were traveling Route 4 on their way to work when they noticed a purse in the road. Apparently other drivers were straddling the purse and driving on.  Letha said, “The girls stopped and turned around, picked up my purse, and took it on to the hospital. They called and offered to return it to me after they finished work. I was tickled to death! Later I got another call asking if I knew Bruce Myers (Dietary Coordinator) and wondered if he could bring my purse to me since they would be working until 11:30 p.m. He was afraid something might happen and I would need it. I said ‘of course’ and told the girls to take $20 out of my purse for a reward; but they wouldn’t take any money.” Obviously, Letha is very grateful to Haley and Chelsea for the quick return of her belongings. After recounting her experience, Letha commented, “I’m 80 years old and because of my health, I can’t volunteer anymore; but please tell everyone at the hospital I said hello!” 

When Chelsea and Haley are not working to keep Braxton County Memorial Hospital sparkling clean, they enjoy hunting, 4-wheeling and spending time with family and friends. Stating that they ‘love working here’ the girls commented, “All our coworkers make it very enjoyable and we’re always having fun!” Housekeeping Coordinator, Vickie Dean, says, “We are very happy to have Chelsea and Haley as part of our Housekeeping team and would like to congratulate them for receiving the Artist of the Month Award. Great job, girls!”