Artist of the Month - May 2014

Dave Lemon, Maintenance Mechanic, was chosen as Artist of the Month for May 2014.

Receiving multiple nominations for this employee recognition award, the characteristic noted most by coworkers was ‘personality’. Seven nominators from four different areas of Braxton County Memorial Hospital expressed their appreciation for Dave. Jeanette Shreves from Materials Management wrote, “He is a blessing to this hospital! His personality is very uplifting and he really shines. He does not hesitate to help someone out. He has helped me on numerous occasions with the linen carts, even when I didn’t ask him to. I feel he is a Godsend to this hospital! That is why I feel he deserves to be recognized for his many acts of kindness and generosity.” Shawn Hunter in Mammography wrote, “In addition to his pleasant personality, his willingness to help in any way is much appreciated. I flipped a breaker during the lunch hour and he readily came (before he ate his lunch) to help me.” Radiology Staff also expressed their gratitude stating, “Dave came the same day we called about cold air blowing through a crack in the emergency door, which was keeping our back room too cold for the equipment. He fixed it right away. He also helps with lifting and moving patients, especially to the CT area.” Another nominator recognized Dave’s willingness to “dig thru nasty bags to find an important paper for a Med Surg nurse.”

According to Wikipedia, the term ‘personality trait’ refers to enduring personal characteristics that are revealed in a particular pattern of behavior in a variety of situations. Although Dave joined the BCMH family only seven months ago, his ‘pattern of behavior’ already reveals a wonderful personality.  In a very short time, he has endeared himself to his coworkers; and his efforts are greatly appreciated at Braxton County Memorial Hospital! 

Dave and his wife of 15 years, Kerri, reside at Heaters. In their free time, they enjoy backyard cookouts with family and friends, camping, and watching the Cincinnati Reds. Dave says, “After working in the coal industry for 30 years followed by a brief stint at Weyerhaeuser, coming to BCMH has been a truly rewarding experience!”