By Martha Nottingham (Reprinted from the 9/24/13 edition of the Senior Citizens’ News)

A Chinese proverb suggests that “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Dr. Guy David Leveaux, BCMH Emergency Department Physician and Hospitalist, exemplifies this sentiment. While most of us are capable of reading, pondering and understanding these words of wisdom, Dr. Leveaux can actually speak them in Chinese. He is fluent in several languages, which proved very beneficial some years ago when a Chinese family was in need of emergency services at Braxton County Memorial Hospital. This is only one illustration of how Dr. Leveaux’s lifelong dedication to learning is treasured by our local, community hospital. 

Less than two years ago, Dr. Leveaux received an employee recognition award for his efforts to increase awareness regarding the ‘critical role rural hospitals play within their underserved, small communities.’ He had completed a research project involving rural hospitals and emergency room physicians in WV, which was published in the prestigious Annals of Emergency Medicine.  Subsequently, the American College of Emergency Physicians was made aware of the need to create educational opportunities for healthcare providers in rural areas. This past spring, Dr. Leveaux completed one such program through the West Virginia University Department of Emergency Medicine.    

In 1966, Dr. Leveaux graduated from Yale University having majored in Chinese studies and pre-medical science requirements. Four years later, he graduated from Oklahoma University Health Science Center as a Doctor of Medicine. During this time period and since then, Dr. Leveaux has expanded his learning in countless areas, receiving multiple certifications. For the past two years, he has been furthering his education as a WVU graduate student, completing two or three online courses per semester. In May of this year, Dr. Leveaux was honored as valedictorian of his class having completed the Emergency Medicine Certificate Program through the WVU School of Medicine. Roger D. Tillotson, MD serves as director of this program and is pictured presenting Dr. Leveaux with his Certificate of Completion. “I went through the same cognitive components as Emergency Department residents; and I was glad to be getting up-to-date in emergency medicine,” comments Dr. Leveaux. 

This writer was forced to research the word ‘cognitive’ to fully understand Dr. Leveaux’s statement and; for those of you who may be wondering, it means, ‘…to come to know - the act or process of knowing including both awareness and judgment….’ One of the fascinating things about Dr. Leveaux is his desire to continue learning, even after all he has achieved. At age 69, he is an inspiration to many of us at Braxton County Memorial Hospital. A truly extraordinary aspect about Dr. Leveaux is that, even possessing great wisdom, he is known for his kindness, compassion, generosity, friendliness, modesty and soft-heartedness. Dr. Leveaux’s enthusiasm for expanding his knowledge reiterates that “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Braxton County Memorial Hospital considers Dr. Leveaux a treasure and is grateful for his dedication to our healthcare facility, our community and our patients!

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